Covenant Renewal Service

On January 28th we will gather as we love to do on Sunday at 10:45 am to worship our great God. However, this particular Sunday, we will have a special “covenant renewal” service which will include our church’s annual meeting. 

In the Bible, before the undertaking of some great new venture,  before entering the Promised Land or building a new temple, or anointing a new leader, the people of God took a long, prayerful look at their past. First, they reminded themselves what God had done in their midst, and also what he had called them to do in the world. Secondly, they recommitted themselves to that calling in the present. They made promises and brought gifts. Finally, and only after they had taken these first two steps, they turned toward the future and the new venture.

On this covenant renewal Sunday, the elders will highlight our vision and will reflect on the past accomplishments God has made through our church. And as we renew our covenant with God, we will recommit to serving and loving Hockessin where God has called us. This time together will also allow new members and attendees to engage with our vision in an active way.

As we worship and thank God for all he has done through Berea, we will also pray that God would grow and form our church community so that we are ready to be sent out into our community to share the light and hope of the gospel with our friends, neighbors, and coworkers.